Onward Campaign Philosophy

Onward: The Campaign for South Dakota will transform the entire campus community. With your support, the University will continue to educate and inspire tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. Your commitment will create opportunities for students and move the University of South Dakota Onward.

A Campaign to Launch the University’s Next 150 Years
Since 1862, the University of South Dakota has educated scientists, governors, artists, senators and judges. South Dakota’s flagship university prepares the state’s doctors, nurses, lawyers, educators, lawmakers and business leaders. Our graduates have revolutionized the way we communicate, practice medicine and view the arts.

Understanding the significance of this history, we embark on the next 150 years committed to educating our students to thrive in a complex, global society.

At the turn of the current century, the USD Foundation's Campaign South Dakota dramatically improved the University’s infrastructure. Nearly $134 million was raised to support scholarships, undergraduate and faculty research, and building projects.

Today, we move Onward to help build upon that momentum and further enhance our great University. In response to a campus wide assessment of needs, the University and the USD Foundation are conducting the most comprehensive capital campaign in our history. Investment opportunities of $250 million have been identified in scholarships, endowed faculty positions, and facility construction and revitalization projects.

The most crucial is our scholarships, which ensure that we attract exceptional students, including those who come from modest means. USD has recognized a funding need of more than $97 million for future students’ financial aid. The University of South Dakota will relieve some of the financial burden placed on the families of college students. The commitment is considerable, but the outcome is clear: Great scholarships attract great students.

The need for faculty endowments is vital as outstanding professors are the key to instructing and mentoring extraordinary graduates. If the University of South Dakota is to continue preparing capable and competitive scholars, we must recruit educators who inspire students to academic excellence. By securing $29 million for endowed positions, we will attract and retain the talented faculty and researchers our students deserve.

Finally, if our learning environments are to meet modern standards of innovation and excellence, construction and enhancement University facilities must remain a priority. Building new sports facilities and renovating structures like our Law School and Fine Arts building, will enhance our students' experiences in the classroom as well as on the court, field, and stage.

Onward: The Campaign for South Dakota will move our University forward as we continue to nurture innovators, leaders and heroes and build pride in USD’s academics, arts and athletics. This is our opportunity to leave a legacy and improve the future of the University, the state of South Dakota, our nation and the world. Join us!

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